Understanding about your body functions and self protective mechanism

  We educate you how to live along with this nature

  Treating and make cure all diseases without medicine

  Creating Awareness about essentials of Acupuncture

  The Art of Healing

  Knowledge about five elements

  Relationship between External world and Internal world

  Learn how to improve your Physical Fitness

  We educate you about How, when to eat, drink water, sleep or rest for a disease free life

  • Acu Healer M V Ramesh Kumar
    B.P.T., P.G.Dip.Fitness., D.A.Sc.,
    Consultant Classical Acupuncturist,Physiotherapist,fitness Specialist

    Acu Healer Pavalakodi.C
    B.P.T., Dip.Fitness., D.A.Sc.,
    Classical Acupuncturist & Physiotherapist

  • "To Aware People to Educate How to Live Disease Free"

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" Our Main Moto is to Aware People to Educate How to Live Disease Free "